My name is Charlotte and I'm 25 years old. I live in Leeds, UK with my boyfriend and our two dwarf hamsters. I have a BSc in Chemistry but research/academia didn't appeal afterwards. At the moment, I work in an office full-time so I can at least read blogs from time to time and get my polish orders delivered there. I'm hoping to apply for a radiography degree which would start in September 2013, even though it would mean short nails all the time.

I've always enjoyed painting my nails but I discovered the nail art category on tumblr sometime in May 2012 and my obsession with nail polish and nail art has been growing ever since. It's pretty hard to go shopping without buying at least one new colour nowadays! My favourite brands include Orly, OPI, Barry M and Chanel.

When I'm not painting my nails you'll normally find me playing World of Warcraft (an online computer game) with my friends. I like clothes and jewellery with science or video game references, reading sci-fi/fantasy books with dragons and magic and everything science-related. I guess I'd fall into the category of 'geek' and I'm fine with that!

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