18 July 2012

Returning to work made easier

I'll be honest - I don't really like my job, but I'm grateful to have one when so many lovely people don't and I try to remember that on the bad days! It helps if you come back from a week off to a haul like this too:

July polish haul from W7 and OPI

L-R: W7 - Glittery Red, Glittery Gold, Glittery Silver, Blue Diamonds, Green Dazzle, Fluorescent Yellow/Green/Pink/Orange, Cosmic Latte, Glittery Black, with OPI - Plugged In Plum and DS Extravagance. Huzzah, new polishes! Sorry about the photo quality, my point-and-shoot is sometimes a bit subpar. I think a better camera is going on the birthday wishlist.

OPI Plugged In Plum and DS Extravagance

I picked up these OPI minis in the Lena White sale, partly because they were also offering free postage and I'm a sucker for that. I've wanted to try one of their DS colours for a while now and I'm pretty excited about swatching Extravagance!

W7 mini glitter polish assortment

Glitter polishes are a bit of a weakness of mine and these minis came in a set. The poor things don't have official names! There's a pink-red sheer with silver glitter (seen over a red creme in yesterday's NOTD post), a gold sheer with silver glitter, a clear with silver glitter and a dark grey sheer with silver micro glitter. That last one is similar to my OPI - Metallic 4 Life, but the OPI polish has different glitter sizes (and more of it).

W7 fluorescents - pink, orange, yellow and green

I wanted to try fluorescent/neon-like polishes as a bit of an experiment but didn't want to spend a lot of money on colours I may not wear, so I stuck with W7 as they were a very reasonable £1.66 each. I'm hoping to swatch these soon and will probably layer them over a coat of white to make them pop.

W7 Green Dazzle, Blue Diamonds and Cosmic Latte

Glitters! Not much explanation needed here, I loved the colours. Both are in a clear base so I'll probably layer them over something else. The last polish, Cosmic Latte, is another gap-filler for my stash if it makes the cut - I like it in the bottle but I'm not sure how well it'll suit my skintone. All W7 polishes were bought from Katys Cosmetics.

Have you treated yourself this month? Tell me your favourite purchases!



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