14 July 2012

Saying Hello

My name is Charlotte, I am 25 and I have become a nail polish addict. A girl has to have a vice, right? It's practically compulsory. It's also great way to let my personality show even though I'm a bit of an introvert, plus I have naturally strong nails that don't break often and grow well (I know, I'm very lucky) so it would be a crime not to paint them, and no-one likes to commit crimes, do they?

I'd been researching season trends for nail colours for the last couple of years and had picked up a few gems (like Chanel's Paradoxal or OPI's Just A Little Rösti At This) but I wasn't buying lots of polish until May 2012. I joined Tumblr, started browsing the #nailart tag one day and had to look up a load of brands I'd never heard of. It was only a matter of time, after that. Suddenly, I was taking a new one home every time I went shopping!

A few of the blogs I could probably attach some blame to and that you should certainly feast your eyes on:
Chalkboard Nails
Polish You Pretty
Chibi Nails
All Lacquered Up
The PolishAholic
Polish Police
Polish or Perish

I'm going to start reviewing polishes I have that you could still obtain and all the new ones I acquire (this is the bit I'm super excited about). I might also link to some reviews by other bloggers if there's a shade I want but can't get!

Of course, I'll keep showing you what I've got on my nails because that's half the fun of it. Once a week I want to post my favourite nail art find because the things people can do with polish never cease to amaze me.

So. With the introductions out of the way, I guess I'd best get to work on choosing a polish to show you...

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