17 July 2012

NOTD - Red and more red

After I swatched Rimmel - Ready, Aim, Paint! yesterday, I wanted to make the most of having a red creme on and added my new W7 red glitter over the top.

W7 Glittery Red

W7 Glittery Red

W7 Glittery Red

I like that the glitter flashes pink-red or silver depending on how deep it is within the polish, but this didn't have quite the effect I was hoping for. It might be better in the middle of a jelly sandwich.

It's also a tricky glitter to apply - you need to sort of splodge it onto the nail and then flatten the polish out. I was rushing to get pictures before the light got too bad so these are taken without topcoat, and now I've added some Seche Vite the finish is a lot nicer. Lesson of the day: don't take pictures without topcoat!

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