14 July 2012

Deborah Lippmann - Stairway To Heaven

Alright, first post! Today my latest polish order arrived and I'm not gonna lie, I actually made a little 'squee!' sound when I unwrapped them. The new additions are Nails Inc - Electric Lane (which I'll show you next time) and Deborah Lippmann - Stairway To Heaven, seen below:
This is packed with tiny square glitters that flash green/blue/purple and bigger hexagonal ones that flash yellow/orange/pink. It has a sheer cream base but there's very little colour when you apply it over plain nails. I'm wearing two coats here but I did have to rearrange the glitters a bit on each nail because they had a tendency to huddle together like cold penguins. Not that I mind the extra effort for a polish this pretty!
All pictures are with one coat. On future applications I think I'll try another coat or two and see how well the glitter stacks. I'm still trying to get into good cuticle care habits because I'm relatively new at this so they're kind of atrocious. Sorry, people with nice cuticles who are wincing in horror.

I couldn't get a true sunshine shot because frankly the weather here in Leeds is dismal. Once the sun returns I'll hunt for a good spot to take these pictures in! I'm actually going south for the weekend to Cambridge so Electric Lane is coming with me in case it's sunnier there (normally we drive from rain into sunshine as we progress south so the odds are in our favour). Until then!


 Edit: the best sun I could get that weekend, which wasn't great!

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